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3CS Corporate Solicitors, based in London, is a full-service law firm in the heart of the City. Our main focus is on international companies based in the UK - from start-ups to global organisations. Our advice covers corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution, employment law, immigration law, property law and HR support.




We provide services and solutions to organisations of all sizes, from start-ups to global organisations.


We are proud to have worked with a large number of international companies including over 30 Fortune Global 500 organisations. 




Brexit is coming. The Transition Period will end on 31st December 2020 and therefore at least some of the current rules and regulations for how you do business with the EU will change from 1st January 2021. The UK and EU have yet to agree on a deal and currently, therefore, there is no clarity on how the relationship will be managed. 


According to government information, a significant number of businesses are not sufficiently prepared for Brexit. In an economy still struggling with the effects of Covid-19, it is all the more important for organisations to be ready for the changes they may face on 1st January, in order to minimise any further disruption and damage to their business.


The impacts of Brexit will be wide and varied, and so it is simply not possible for us to include information here that will cover every scenario for every business. However, we have tried to put together in an easy to access format, some key information which should be useful to the majority of organisations. And of course, if you would like further assistance or specific advice on how your business may be affected, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. 

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[Immigration] Visa Applications – Global Expatriates

We are delighted to announce that our Legal 500 ranked Immigration Team, which features in the UK government’s Department for International Trade directory of advisers for overseas firms, is now a member of World Link for Law. WLL has been established for over 30 years and is a network of international law firms with 70 members across 50 countries worldwide, comprising over 700 professional staff. 3CS is delighted to announce this partnership, which gives us significant global reach.



[Litigation] Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 - Reforming the UK’s Insolvency Landscape in response to COVID-19 (PART 1)

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act ("the Act") became law on 26 June 2020. This reform to the UK’s insolvency procedures has been rushed through parliament in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help companies weather the storm and survive in these uncertain times.

The Act has introduced a series of permanent and temporary measures, and this newsletter will be the first of a two-part bulletin looking at the permanent changes that have been made.