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Change & Uncertainty

14 June 2019

Thomas Miles


Times are uncertain. In the UK there is the ever present spectre of Brexit - will it happen, will it be cancelled, if it does happen will it be deal or no deal - and if so, when? Not only that, but we also have the prospect of a new Prime Minister just around the corner, who will surely want to make their own impact on the UK and beyond. Outside of the UK, there are new political dynamics being shaped across Europe; the USA has an increasingly assertive rhetoric on both tariffs and sanctions; and globally there is rising concern and a need for action to protect an undeniably fragile, and more volatile, natural environment.


But rarely, if ever, has the course of history run smoothly for any noticeable length of time. With uncertainty comes risk, and the taking of calculated risks is where the world’s leading businesses stretch their lead over their competitors further. Finding, and creating, opportunities in the uncertainty gives a potential to thrive. This, of course, does not mean simply throwing caution to the wind; risks that can be removed, should be removed.


This is where the importance and value of a professional legal team is realised. Your legal team needs to have a wide understanding and experience of both legal and commercial factors, and the interrelationship between them. Whether your business opportunity is closing UK operations to move to a more efficient location overseas, investing into or acquiring an existing UK business, or commencing operations in the UK for the first time, your legal team needs to identify the issues and risks, to allow you to make a commercial decision. They need to clarify whether your commercial proposal falls within the Transfer of Undertakings regulations, whether collective consultation rules apply, the Companies House filing requirements, risks within the contractual arrangements and your ability to integrate any expatriate staff and managers into the business. Having identified the issues, the most important task for your legal team is to propose solutions.


Whether the business has an in-house legal department or not, our clients rely on the 3CS legal team to provide the essential, specialist legal assistance that they need in order to build success out of opportunities. We have experienced solicitors in Company/Commercial, Corporate Immigration, Commercial Property and Employment law, to be able to guide you through every aspect of a business transaction. Together with our carefully chosen partner firms, we can extend our assistance globally and with full language support across any jurisdiction.


Recently, we have assisted clients in planning closures of the entire UK arm of their businesses, involving large-scale redundancies, termination of commercial contracts, early termination of leases and reporting to the Home Office regarding the surrender of their Sponsor Licences and departure from the UK of their expatriate staff. Simultaneously, we have supported clients in making a success of their inward investments into the UK, drafting detailed joint venture agreements and facilitating the visa and sponsorship requirements for specialist expatriate staff. For other clients we have facilitated advice across numerous jurisdictions, most recently including Germany, Italy and the USA, recognising that as our clients operate on a truly global scale and our support must also.


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